The environmentally conscious and user-friendly pet waste pail with patented bag-sealing technology.


The Dooli™ Design

Dooli™ is getting a makeover! We are currently reworking the design of the Dooli™ to include a larger opening and a wider scooper. Thank you to our amazing backers and fans from Kickstarter for expressing your needs and inspiring our team to make the best product we can for cat owners everywhere.

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Patented Technology

All patented Dooli™ Pails incorporate a revolutionary lever mechanism that works by creating a double-seal in the bag. This bag-sealing technology is what cuts down on odor and makes the pail incredibly user-friendly. The Dooli™ Pet Waste Pail utilizes four issued patents and a handful of other patents that are still pending!

Does Dooli™ Work For Dogs Too?

Calling all cat AND dog lovers, Dooli™ Pet Waste Pail is the first dog-friendly waste pail on the market! If you’re one of the 80 million dog owners in the US, get ready to join the ranks of cat lovers everywhere with this incredible waste pail for your furry friend.



Designed to be a one-hand job, all you have to do is: open, scoop and shut. The automatic system will do the rest and seal the bag tightly, keeping smelly pet waste trapped inside.


Dooli™ patented technology incorporates a lever that seals the bag as the pail lid closes.


Superior pail sold with 15 seven-layer EVOH odor trapping bags, a scooper, a deodorizing dispenser and scented gel beads for added freshness.


Refill bag adapter system eliminates wasteful plastic canisters sold by competitors and can be recycled.

Three Easy Steps

Dooli™ is designed to function better than other pet waste pails on the market.

Step #1 - Lift the lid

Step #2 - Scoop

Use the Dooli™ Scooper to toss your kitty’s ‘business’ or simply insert your dirty doggy bag into the pail.

Step #3 - Close the lid.

That’s it! The patented Dooli™ lever mechanism will do the rest.